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Leland Faust is an honors graduate from both the University of California, Berkeley (Economics) and Harvard Law School. He is the founder of CSI Capital Management where he served as Chief Investment Officer for 33 years, supervising over $1.5 billion in assets.

From 1997 to 2010, Leland was the Senior Portfolio Manager of the CSI Equity Fund, a publicly traded mutual fund recognized by The Wall Street Journal and USA Today as a top performing equity fund. Barron’s included him in its annual list of top 100 mutual fund managers. From 2007 to 2010 (the only years he was eligible), Leland was selected by Barron’s as one of the top 100 independent investment advisors in the country. He was also named among the 100 Most Powerful People in Sports by The Sporting News, making him one of only two investment advisors ever to be included in that roster.

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Leland Faust Speaker Talk Topics:

  • How Wall Street is Fleecing You
  • Are Professionals Athletes Underpaid?
  • How Investing for Celebrities Applies to You
  • Money & the Culture of Pro Sports
  • How Wall Street is Ruining America

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NEW book, “A Capitalist’s Lament – How Wall Street is Fleecing You and Ruining America” now available!


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Investors Lose Retirement Protections

Donald Trump ran on a populist platform. That is, when he was not ranting about immigrants bringing in drugs or raving about his TV ratings. As for government, he promised to drain the swamp in Washington. We’ll see. But what about the swamp on Wall Street? Not so much. Exhibit A: administration plans to derail the fiduciary rule for retirement plans. Apparently, the noxious greed of the nation’s financial establishment is safe from Trump’s dredging, in this case, at the expense of retirees, many who voted for him. Read Full Article

Leland Faust Discusses Capitalist’s Lament

A Capitalist’s Lament Leland Faust talked about his book A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America, in which he argues that regular Americans are being fleeced and exposed to high level risks by Wall Street financial firms that are only interested in increasing their own bottom line. Mr. Faust spoke with Roy Eisenhardt. Read Full Article

Financial Advisor Writes Book

Leland Faust, who has spent more than 30 years as a financial adviser to hundreds of athletes, has written a book that takes on Wall Street practices.

“A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America,” published by Skyhorse Publishing, will be available online and in bookstores today. Read Full Article

A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America

Rarely have I found a non-fiction book that is a page-turner, but the book A Capitalist’s Lament: How Wall Street Is Fleecing You and Ruining America is one of those books. The author, Leland Faust, goes into detail about how investors are being taken by Wall Street.

Don’t get the author wrong. He is not anti-capitalist, he is what I would call pro-moral capitalist (which is also how I would describe myself, by the way). He is just bringing to light all the ways that the average person is being taken advantage of, on a financial basis. Read Full Article

Pros and Cons of Closed-End Funds

Most investors know how mutual funds work: investors’ money is pooled and used to buy assets like stocks and bonds. If all goes well, the fund’s share price rises and investors can cash out by redeeming, or selling their shares back to the fund company.

Share price, or “net asset value” (NAV), is figured by the fund company after the market closes each day, by dividing the total value of the fund’s assets by the number of shares outstanding. Read Full Article

You’ve Raised the Money, Now How Do You Keep It?

To get some perspective we talked with Leland Faust, the founder of CSI Capital Management. In addition to degrees from the University of California (economics) and Harvard Law School, Faust managed over $1.5 billion in assets from 1978 through 2011. Barron’s has named him four times to its annual list of top 100 independent investment advisers in the country. Read Full Article



National & International Roundtable

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National & International Roundtable

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